Understanding Free Radicals

Free radical is very close to us believe it or not these 10.000 unbalanced molecules are attacking our body every single day which can cause a chain reaction of destruction and disrupt our healthy cells as the result make variety of diseases, cancer, and other health problems therefore you have to considering your overall wellness and wellbeing.

Where it come from?

There are 2 ways whether from internal or external sources of your body, when come from internal they start to develop in the body through the natural processes that exist in the internal body system. For instance free radical can form when compound reacts with oxygen during the process of energy-making in your body.

And the other way by external sources like when you’re exposed by UV radiation, and pollution, free radical also can form when you get contact or consume with pollutants and other toxin, for instance pesticide, herbicides (agriculture chemicals) or other additive through processed food and environmental toxins.

Free radical can changes stable molecule and turn into unstable molecules usually by come in contact with the nearest one and turning that cell into a free radical as well. It seems like zombie who bite normal person as prey and turn him or her into a zombie.

this what we call a chain reaction and keep continue to changing another healthy cell eventually this reaction causes total disruption of a living cell or a whole group of cell

How to Protect our Body

To protect our body from those zombies threat we have to arm our body with antioxidants, these compounds used to protect our body from the damage caused by free radical. Antioxidants work by stop the chain reaction and neutralizing the free radicals. When you are fit and in normal condition your body produces enough antioxidants which are good for your body immune.

For the worst, there are two situations that your body no longer can take control
First, your body can not provide enough antioxidants to use to neutralize the free radical and the second, when the production of free radical becomes excessive.

Every day we should provide our body with antioxidants, for you who’re going through cleanse or a detox you have to ensure that your diet food contain rich antioxidants or you can buy supplement to add an extra dose of your detox and cleansing program.

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