Is swallowing Sperm Good for Women’s Health?


For some women swallowing semen partner can be a casual in sex intercourse but it also weird and disgusting to do for some women.

but do you know sperm has more benefits than just as fertilization, recently survey conducted by The State University of New York proves that for women who often swallowing semen partner have a low stres level and become happy it’s because the chemical contained in sperm can improving your mood and sense of compassion and fix hours of sleep, at least there are three anti depresive agents that releasing hormone thyrotropin, melatonin, and serotonin or known as neurotransmitter.

This survey corroborated the previous results of research that evaluated the benefits of swallowing semen for women’s health.

To prove whether semen has a positive effect like antidepressants, the researchers recruited 293 university students, who agreed to fill questionnaire about aspects of their sex life.

In the questionnaire are included questions about recently, sexual activity which conducted without using condoms to measure the flow of sperm in their bodies. The participants also had to fill the Back Depression Inventory, a clinical measurement used to measure stress level.

The survey, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior proves that women who often have sex without using condom and swallowing their semen partner proved to have lower stress levels than those who always use condoms.

But my suggestion after reading this article, it doesn’t mean you have to swallow partner’s semen to be healthy, first you have to make sure your partner’s semen free of disease. Do not until you actually get the disease.



Link to website regarding Semen Therapies

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