Happy feeling make women lives longer

We can’t deny a lot of people who want to given a blessing in longevity but do you know what the factors that give contribute to long life, in attempt to quantify that, the researchers found that one of the highest predictors is happiness or satisfaction along with genetics, intelligence, socioeconomic, and overall wellness. The study show when satisfaction with life was present with at least one of these other factors, it will add might be about 16 years extra life for man and 23 extra years to a woman’s life.

Women’s Health Initiative In the U.S had concluded based on their study about health and happiness found that women who are optimistic are 30 percent less likely to die from heart diseases. The anxiety, anger and hatred have long been known to interfered cardiac function by altering the heart’s electrical stability, speed up blockage of blood vessels and increase inflammation.

According to health research team led by Hilary A. Tindle, MD recommends the importance of positive thinking. This attitude can be fostered through a variety of ways, such as recreational activities like watching movies or planning a vacation.

Emptiness in the soul that can distance themselves from the feeling of happiness can also be overcome by doing meditation, building friendships, and making themselves meaningful to others. Anger and jealousy are negative feeling it can cause revenge, impatient, and can even bring in diseases. Let’s make life happier because happy people live longer.

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