Understanding Free Radicals

Free radical is very close to us believe it or not these 10.000 unbalanced molecules are attacking our body every single day which can cause a chain reaction of destruction and disrupt our healthy cells as the result make variety of diseases, cancer, and other health problems therefore you have to considering your overall wellness and wellbeing.

Where it come from?

There are 2 ways whether from internal or external sources of your body, when come from internal they start to develop in the body through the natural processes that exist in the internal body system. For instance free radical can form when compound reacts with oxygen during the process of energy-making in your body.

And the other way by external sources like when you’re exposed by UV radiation, and pollution, free radical also can form when you get contact or consume with pollutants and other toxin, for instance pesticide, herbicides (agriculture chemicals) or other additive through processed food and environmental toxins.

Free radical can changes stable molecule and turn into unstable molecules usually by come in contact with the nearest one and turning that cell into a free radical as well. It seems like zombie who bite normal person as prey and turn him or her into a zombie.

this what we call a chain reaction and keep continue to changing another healthy cell eventually this reaction causes total disruption of a living cell or a whole group of cell

How to Protect our Body

To protect our body from those zombies threat we have to arm our body with antioxidants, these compounds used to protect our body from the damage caused by free radical. Antioxidants work by stop the chain reaction and neutralizing the free radicals. When you are fit and in normal condition your body produces enough antioxidants which are good for your body immune.

For the worst, there are two situations that your body no longer can take control
First, your body can not provide enough antioxidants to use to neutralize the free radical and the second, when the production of free radical becomes excessive.

Every day we should provide our body with antioxidants, for you who’re going through cleanse or a detox you have to ensure that your diet food contain rich antioxidants or you can buy supplement to add an extra dose of your detox and cleansing program.

Early Ejaculation

“Whether you believe or not, every once in a while woman are very aware that it would be happensIt can also happen to the best men in the world. When you’re with a girl and your feeling is good even really good and you already know what it would happen next when you continue and there is a sign to your brain that you can no longer to hold for one minute I think she will confused at the time and stares into your eyes and in a second you have to decide it what to do about your early cum. The question is should you try to continue it or play it off with a joke or genuinely apologize? Here are how to react and what can you do’s and don’t


Do not freak her out by suddenly run away from her after your early ejaculation, panic and hiding in the bathroom isn’t a good option instead make this things more awkward and she’ll still be out there when you are finished hiding, what you have to do better is stay calm to face this situation and act like nothing big deal happen.


You have to be more mature, real man should not pout, it only make you little bit like childish and it’s not at the best time in this occasion, Be gentle by make the situation under your control and try again rather than you act like two year old pout little baby that make you don’t have second change to fix it up. An extra credit to give if you can manage her feel like your quick orgasm was her fault but play this carefully because women are too sensitive about this

Try to explain

Don’t said like “This never happens to me” this phrase wouldn’t help you to convince her and might be she’ll think you just try to act natural and blame it to the other thing, actually your partner doesn’t need any explanation she already aware this can be happens every once in a while in sex intercourse

Laugh it off

Trying to be spontaneous and make a joke of the situation so she can laugh with you then it will just be an amusing time for you in pleasurable evening don’t forget to take a deep breath, laugh and then try again but if this make her feel disturbed so now you have two options first skip to “distracting her’ or you can looking for another girl who’s not so uptight.


Apologize it’s a fine option for your premature ejaculation as long as you don’t be a Jerk, for sure if you said “sorry” it wouldn’t hurt your partner. The only reason you’d really have to be sorry for is because you can’t get her to orgasm and leaving her unsatisfied after your early ejaculation

Fake like it didn’t happen

Don’t try to faking not having an orgasm, for men it was hard and of course you will left the Evidence after all, so don’t even try to pretend it just act like it didn’t and you can using your mouth, tongue, finger, and give a break to your penis while you continuing to pleasure her. Remember sex is not always stick it your penis to her but it’s more than that

Distract her

Actually she doesn’t care whether you already have an orgasm or not, distract her focus and give attention to her pleasure it can distracting her from the fact that you’re already have an orgasm and once again use your hand, mouth or sex toys to please her, it will work better to her

Fix your problem now!

You can fix your early orgasm issue by another way like communicate wisely with your partner or you can find others solution that still make you confident, don’t be shame asking advice to your Doctor or otherwise read about other solution for PE there are plenty of books talk about premature ejaculation problems and how to solve it, chose which one can make you comfortable it’s better than you feel inadequate

Happy feeling make women lives longer

We can’t deny a lot of people who want to given a blessing in longevity but do you know what the factors that give contribute to long life, in attempt to quantify that, the researchers found that one of the highest predictors is happiness or satisfaction along with genetics, intelligence, socioeconomic, and overall wellness. The study show when satisfaction with life was present with at least one of these other factors, it will add might be about 16 years extra life for man and 23 extra years to a woman’s life.

Women’s Health Initiative In the U.S had concluded based on their study about health and happiness found that women who are optimistic are 30 percent less likely to die from heart diseases. The anxiety, anger and hatred have long been known to interfered cardiac function by altering the heart’s electrical stability, speed up blockage of blood vessels and increase inflammation.

According to health research team led by Hilary A. Tindle, MD recommends the importance of positive thinking. This attitude can be fostered through a variety of ways, such as recreational activities like watching movies or planning a vacation.

Emptiness in the soul that can distance themselves from the feeling of happiness can also be overcome by doing meditation, building friendships, and making themselves meaningful to others. Anger and jealousy are negative feeling it can cause revenge, impatient, and can even bring in diseases. Let’s make life happier because happy people live longer.

Seven reasons why we should have breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for our body to start your routine. There are some important reasons why you should have breakfast every morning.

Lose weight

Breakfast helps the metabolism system work stably. So the fat burning will go up, and will able to decrease body weight.

Eat vegetables and fruits

Increase consumption of nutritious foods during breakfast. So you’ll have an excuse to eat breakfast in order to meet the needs of fruits and vegetables.

Adding energy

Breakfast is the main requirement if you want your body energy to stay awake until lunch time. So do not leave your breakfast if you do not want to become limp throughout the day.

Maintaining heart health

There are a lot of research that says breakfast is important for heart health. Because people who are used to having breakfast has lower cholesterol levels, smaller waist size and more stable insulin levels in the blood.

Improve the immune system

Another study stated that a big meal in the morning can make you avoid the risk of influenza disease. As known, flu is usually caused by a low immune system.

Increasing concentration

Decreased metabolism due to not eating breakfast affects brain performance, so the concentration is disrupted. If you do not want to experience it, you should regularly eat breakfast to improve concentration.

Long Life

Various benefits of breakfast is already mentioned. If concluded, the breakfast indirectly helps you to prolong life. So, those are the important reasons, why we should have breakfast.

What are normal blood glucose levels for non-diabetic and diabetes sufferers

When it comes to normal blood glucose levels everybody is different. What may be normal for one person may not necessarily be normal for another. For example, those who are suffering from diabetes will have a slightly higher target when it comes to their blood sugar levels than if they are not suffering from the condition. On this page I want to give you a brief overview of what the ‘accepted’ normal blood glucose levels for a number of different situations. This information should hopefully be useful not only for those that are trying to determine whether they have diabetes but also for those that are suffering from the condition and wish for a reminder about what is right.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels will differ depending on when you measure them. You will have more glucose in your blood shortly after you have eaten as your body has yet to have processed it fully. These blood sugar levels should hopefully tail off the further you get away from the consumption of the meal.

Non-Diabetic Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Before a Meal: 4.0 to 5.9 mmol/L
After a Meal: Less than 7.8 mmol/L

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

Before a Meal: 4.0 to 7.0 mmol/L
After a meal: Less than 8.5 for those with Type 2 Diabetes and less than 9.0 for those with Type 1 Diabetes. It may not seem like much of a difference, but it is going to be a huge difference for your health.

Children with Type 1 Diabetes

It is incredibly rare for a child to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. If your child is suffering from that condition though, your doctor will provide you with advice on what normal blood glucose levels are for them.

Before a Meal: 4.0 to 8.0 mmol/L
After a Meal: Under 10.0 mmol/L

Now, there are a number of different ways to check for normal blood glucose levels. Over the past few years a number of products have actually been introduced to the market which will allow you to check your blood sugar levels from the comfort of your own home. If you believe that you are suffering from diabetes then you may wish to check a couple of them out. However, you need to be aware that the only person who can truly diagnose you with the condition is the doctor and it will up to them to check your blood sugar levels using one of these two tests:

– The Impaired Fasting Glycemia Test: This test will involve fasting for around eight hours and then having your blood sugar level taken. The level will be measured against the normal blood sugar levels that I mentioned previously.

– The Impaired Glucose Tolerance Test: This is a slightly quicker test. With this you will take an amount of glucose and then it will be measured after two hours to see what your blood sugar level is.

Remember, it is important that you are aware of whether you are within the confines of normal blood glucose levels or not. If you are then you will be a lot healthier. If you believe that you may be suffering from diabetes then I do suggest that you carry out a bit of research online to check the various symptoms.